Manchester City have a great opportunity to add to the trophy this season. The moment will come this weekend, when they meet Watford, in the 2019 FA Cup final, at Wembley Stadium.

In this season, Manchester City have won two titles, namely the English League Cup and Premier League. Two trophies came after Manchester City appeared brilliant, and were able to maximize every opportunity available.

These conditions make Manchester City in the top position predictions of who will be the 2019 FA Cup champion. The capacity of the game, the quality of the individual until the clever tactics of tactics, Pep Guardiola, gave extraordinary obstacles for Watford.

Statistics show, Manchester City have won in the last five meetings. Throughout the encounter, Manchester City were able to score 19 goals and conceded only three goals.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insists they have finished partying the status of the Premiership champions. Now, attention turns to the FA Cup final, something that according to Pep Guardiola remains prestigious. Therefore, the Citizens should not underestimate the strength of Watford, who sometimes appear surprising and insistent.

Manchester City have felt the pleasure of the Premier League title this season after fierce competition with Liverpool. In the 2018/2019 season, Manchester City have won a total of two domestic titles, namely the Premier League title and the Carabao Cup. This week, Pep Guardiola’s team is certain to be ready to face Watford. To be sure, Guardiola also has ambitions to win the domestic treble this season.

Pep Guardiola will carry a 4-4-1-1 formation while still relying on Sergio Aguero on the front lines and assisted by Raheem Sterling. For the central midfielder, Pep Guardiola will take down David Silva, I. Gundogan, Bernardo Silva and R. Mahrez to help front lines and possession in Manchester City midfield.

While in the Watford camp, coach Javi Garcia, will reduce the 4-4-2 formation. The duo of attackers T. Deeney and Deulofeu must be wary of Manchester City’s back line. These two players can often surprise their enemy enemies. On the wing, there is also R. Pereyra, the Argentine is arguably very agile and likes to play openly to help the Watford front line.

Manchester City (4-4-1-1): Ederson Moraes; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Aymeric Laporte, O. Zinchenko; Bernardo Silva, I. Gundogan, David Silva, R. Mahrez; R. Steerling; Aguero

Watford (4-4-2): B. Foster; A. Mariappa, J. Holebas, Cathcart, Kiko Femenia; R. Pereyra, Doucouere, N. Chalobah, Hughes; T. Deeney, G. Deulofeu

The last meeting of Manchester City vs. Watford
05/21/17 PRL Watford 0 – 5 Manchester City
09/16/17 PRL Watford 0-6 Manchester City
02/01/18 PRL Manchester City 3 – 1 Watford
04/12/18 PRL Watford 1-2 Manchester City
3/3/19 PRL Manchester City 3- 1 Watford

Watford’s last five matches
4/4/19 PRL Huddersfield Town 1 – 2 Watford
4/24/19 PRL Watford 1 – 1 Southampton
04/26/19 PRL Watford 1-2 Wolverhampton
05/05/19 PRL Chelsea 3 – 0 Watford
12/05/19 PRL Watford 1 – 4 West Ham United

Manchester City’s last five matches
04/19/19 PRL Manchester City 1 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur
04/25/19 PRL Manchester United 0-2 Manchester City
4/28/19 PRL Burnley 0-1 Manchester City
05-05-19 PRL Manchester City 1 – 0 Leicester City
12/05/19 PRL Brighton 1 – 4 Manchester City

Note: PRL = English League

In terms of player quality and the history of the meeting, Manchester City have the upper hand. If the 3rd handicap market is recommended to choose City because it has the chance to win and the motivation to win the FA Cup trophy this season. Choose over, because from the history of the two teams meeting, Manchester City always won many goals when they met Watford.

Handicap: 2
Total Over / Under: 3
Score Prediction: 5-0
Tip: Manchester City / Over



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