• Car sprays burning fuel into crowd at Red CentreNATS

    At Alice Springs' Red CentreNATS in September 2017, 14 spectators were injured after fuel from a competition car ignited and shot flames exceeding 400 degrees Celsius over onlookers.

  • Outback Roadhouses: The unique owners behind these essential remote hubs

    For travellers and workers on Australia’s vast network of roads and highways, roadhouses are a welcoming site to rest, refuel and refresh – and they don’t come more eclectic than in the Northern Territory. But beyond all the tourist trappings and tall stories are the extraordinary people who keep these remote hubs running.

    14mins 28secs
  • One Plus One: Maya Newell

    Maya Newell describes herself as a “gayby” – the child of same-sex parents. Growing up with two mums, she spent years answering questions about her upbringing, and now works as a filmmaker spotlighting stories of difference.

  • Exchange program allows Alice Springs school children to see surf for the first time

    An exchange program between two primary schools is giving students the chance to see a very different way of life. One school is in one of Sydney's beachside suburbs, the other, almost 3,000 kilometres away in central Australia.

    4mins 53secs


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