Brian Josephs



Jay-Z's Top 25 Deep Cuts: Critic's Picks

There aren’t that many stones left unturned when talking about a three-decade career that includes 22 Grammys, 14 No. 1 albums, multiple one-liners and slogans embedded in the pop-culture lexicon, numerous decade-end list entries, and a music video shot at the Louvre with Beyoncé. Jay-Z has been getting his roses.
Shek Wes

What Is New York Hip-Hop in 2018?

“Something that ties every era of New York together is still that grit and the personality... That feeling that you got when you were out at a party when Ja Rule was out, is the same feeling and emotion [you get] when ‘Bodak Yellow’ comes out, probably.”
Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Rose With the Civil Rights Movement

Aretha Franklin became one of the most ubiquitous figures tied to civil rights activism, and “Respect” topping the Hot 100 showed that the movement’s themes had touched a white audience.