12.24.17 Issue


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    CreditAmanda Demme for The New York Times


    Jordan Peele’s X-Ray Vision

    “Get Out,” his docu-horror-thriller-comedy about race in America, was the movie of the year. What will he show us next?

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    CreditRyan Pfluger for The New York Times


    What (if Anything) Does Carter Page Know?

    He has been wiretapped by the F.B.I. and grilled by congressional investigators over his suspected Russia connections. But the Trump campaign foreign-policy adviser can’t seem to stop talking.

  3. PhotoAlka Pradhan in Virginia in November
    CreditRyan Pfluger for The New York Times


    Alka Pradhan v. Gitmo

    The human rights lawyer thinks she has a good defense for her client, one of five accused Sept. 11 plotters imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay — if the government ever actually lets the case go to trial.

  1. First Words

    CreditPhoto illustration by Derek Brahney

    What Makes Someone a ‘Predator’?

    Lately it feels as if it’s not just the most vicious men who earn that label — it’s also the casual, the careless, the not-that-bad.

  2. On Dessert

    PhotoGalette des Rois
    CreditGentl and Hyers for The New York Times.

    A Pastry Fit for a King — or a Queen

    A galette des rois is as much a game as a dessert, and the winner gets to wear a crown.

  3. On Money

    CreditIllustration by Andrew Rae

    Beijing Bids Goodbye to Robert Mugabe

    China may have a soft spot for dictators, but the end of Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe suggests its patience isn’t endless when its economic interests are in jeopardy.

  1. Poem


    Poem: Ligament

    Selected by Terrance Hayes.